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Manufacturing companies are facing increasingly complex issues that are impacting how they operate now and plan for the future.

Challenges range from pressures on operations to continuous environmental management. Our clients are navigating a constant demand for growth, managing risk, and keeping current with evolving technologies and processes all while remaining competitive. In addition, demands to demonstrate more responsible behavior and improved sustainability performance are increasing.4 Degrees Consulting works with clients in the sector to address:

  • Compliance assurance with new and existing regulations;
  • Managing risks and developing opportunities;
  • Helping embed improved sustainability practices into the fabric of an organization;
  • Providing significant and sustainable improvements in safety performance, processes, and culture;
  • Increasing resource efficiency (energy, water, waste);
  • Identifying and managing climate change risk; and
  • Increasing transparency and investor/stakeholder confidence through reporting.

We understand the challenges and implications our clients are facing, we are able to provide progressive solutions to address them from both strategic and technical perspectives. We add significant value in helping our clients grow, manage risk, and increase investor returns in a sustainable and responsible manner.


Mining companies are often criticized, not just for how they operate and what they leave behind, but also for the environmental effects of their products.

These issues are compounded by more immediate challenges including managing costs, increasing investor scrutiny, and safety concerns in an industry with such high fatality rates. We are helping our mining clients demonstrate their societal and economic value. 4 Degrees Consulting works with mining companies to help them address strategic, tactical, and operational challenges. This includes: 

  • Incident and accident prevention, managing operational risks and control;
  • Water corporate strategies and technical solutions;
  • Social issues, human rights, stakeholder mapping and engagement, and conflict resolution;
  • Data and resource efficiency, system streamlining, information solutions;
  • Due diligence, liability and compliance assessments; and
  • Planning for closure and regeneration.

The projects we do with our mining clients add significant value across the mining life-cycle while helping them grow, better manage risk, improve their sustainability aspirations, and become better corporate citizens.


The transport sector is experiencing a fundamental shift in structure and underlying economics.

Ongoing regulatory requirements, new market entrants, operating cost, and increasing environmental pressure are among the factors forcing developed markets into adopting energy efficiency and driving traditional logistics companies to change their business models. These issues are further compounded by the ambition to mitigate the impact on climate change, while still remaining cost effective. We actively work with our clients in order to understand their challenges and provide both strategic and tactical solutions, including:

  • Addressing environmental health, social and safety (EHSS) operational performance improvement issues;
  • Developing leading edge safety programs;
  • Providing managed services to address resource concerns;
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance;
  • Creating and implementing strategies and tactics to sustainably retire assets

We are increasingly finding that the intricacy of the challenges require multi-disciplinary solutions. 4 Degrees Consulting’s approach incorporates our broad technical knowledge with innovative technologies to bring significant value to our clients efforts to improve business performance.


The chemical industry impacts almost everything in our world – from the food and drinks we consume and the clothes on our backs, to our modes of travel.

As a result of this broad scope, the sector includes a diverse range of companies. 4 Degrees works work with our clients to effectively manage their challenges, including:

  • Responding to increased pressures to act responsibly and increase sustainable practices while maintaining profitable operations;
  • Demonstrating improved environmental and social awareness to meet greater customer and end user expectations;
  • Maintaining compliance with the continued growth in regulations;
  • Applying better technology and data to maintain a competitive edge; and
  • Navigating mergers & acquisitions, divestment, and asset retirement.

We bring value by understanding the immediate and long-term needs of our clients and providing support that ranges from corporate sustainability to services that help with safety, to due diligence and remediation.


4 Degrees Consulting understands that the environmental, social and economic impact of projects is a crucial consideration for our clients and the communities in which we operate.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to provide environment and planning expertise across the full life-cycle of their projects, offering the following expertise:

  • Strategic planning and environmental impact assessments, guiding clients through the approval processes for projects and investments;
  • Integrated urban planning solutions grounded in an understanding of the relationship between planning decisions and the environment, health, economic and liveability challenges facing our clients and communities;
  • GIS advice, data capture and information management with insights and analytics delivered on advanced platforms and portals; 
  • Environmental design solutions that support urban development, large infrastructure projects, and environmental management;
  • Environmental risk management through design, delivery and operational project phases.
  • Advisory services spanning regulatory complexities, decommissioning, rehabilitation, community engagement, sustainability planning and design

Our team includes specialists that understand climate change risk and resilience, to identify climate change impacts. We partner with public and private sector specialists to research and understand environmental impacts for their infrastructure projects and investments. We apply real-world experience to deliver effective and sustainable outcomes.

We help businesses operate sustainably. Our services include sustainability, environmental management, health and safety compliance, and remediation.